Episode # 40

Walking with Miss Millie

Tamara Bundy

A poignant and unforgettable middle-grade debut about the friendship between a young white girl and her elderly black neighbor in the 1960s south.
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Walking with Miss Millie

Eleven-year-old Alice has just moved to Georgia with her mom and little brother, and barely has time to unpack before she gets herself in trouble. When she’s caught eavesdropping on a phone call on the party line, her mom sends her next door to apologize to their new neighbor, Miss Millie, a tiny ninety-two-year-old black woman. To make up for her rudeness, Alice agrees to walk Clarence, Miss Millie’s blind dog. But he refuses to go anywhere without Miss Millie, so the three of them soon develop a daily routine: walking together, Miss Millie sharing wisdom and stories from her long life. Alice is fascinated, learning about Miss Millie’s parents being slaves and Miss Millie living most of her life in the segregated South. Alice, who is white and from a mostly white Ohio town, has grown up largely unaware of the racism that’s still prevalent in the world, and her eyes are opened by many of Miss Millie’s experiences. When she’s not with Miss Millie, Alice spends her time plotting to get her parents back together—she’s hardly heard from her dad since he left the family a year ago—but it’s a wasted effort. Fortunately, her growing bond with Miss Millie eases her sadness, broadens her understanding of life, and gives her a true, unbreakable friendship she’ll never forget.

Tamara Bundy is a high school English teacher with a Master’s degree in writing, and is a former columnist for the Cincinnati Post (her regular column on being a mom also appeared on EWTN global Catholic radio). Walking Miss Millie is her debut novel.