Episode # 29

Maxi's Secrets
(or what you can learn from a dog)

Lynn Plourde

When a BIG, lovable, does-it-her-way dog wiggles her way into the heart of a loudmouth pipsqueak of a boy, wonderful things happen that allow our shrimp to become a bigger, better person—in a book that will appeal to fans of Because of Winn-Dixie.
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Maxi's Secrets: (or what you can learn from a dog)

Timminy knows that moving to a new town just in time to start middle school when you are perfect bully bait is less than ideal. But he gets a great consolation prize in Maxi—a gentle giant of a dog who the family quickly discovers is deaf. Timminy is determined to do all he can to help Maxi—after all, his parents didn’t return him because he was a runt. But it turns out that Maxi is the one to help Timminy when the going gets rough both at school—where Timminy spends a little too much time getting shoved into lockers—and at home where his new best friend, Abby, bristles at his “poor-me” attitude—after all, she doesn’t let her blindness define her.

Because of Maxi, Timminy learns that Rory isn’t really the bully he thought he was. And when the two join forces to rescue Abby when she gets lost in the woods, the boys realize how much they’ve misread each other. Then, when tragedy strikes, Timminy is grateful to Maxi for helping make his new friendships possible, and for all the things she’s taught him—especially that there’s more to people than what’s on the surface, whether it comes to Abby, Rory, or even Timminy himself.

Lynn Plourde is the author of 29 picture books, and Maxi’s Secrets is her debut middle-grade novel. A former speech-language therapist, she worked in public schools for twenty-one years. She was born and raised in Maine, where she loves spending time outdoors snowshoing, walking, kayaking, and gardening, and currently lives in Winthrop.